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What services does Fractional provide?
What services does Fractional provide?
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A. Co-owner matching:

  • Fractional matches you with other compatible investors to co-purchase a property.

B. Entity formation:

  • Fractional sets up an LLC in the state of the property. Fractional handles filing of paperwork, obtaining an EIN, and issuing K-1s.

C. LLC Operating Agreement:

  • Fractional’s governance model aligns all co-owners on handling scenarios such as ownership transfers, voting procedures, repairs, and expenses.

D. Financing:

  • Fractional’s lending partners provide short-term and long-term loans for LLC-owned property.

E. Banking:

  • Fractional creates a bank account for the LLC and supports deposits, rental distributions, expense withdrawals, and a reserve for the property.

F. Property closing:

  • A Fractional agent partner will make an offer, work through the due diligence process, and successfully close the property.

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